Queensland Edventures has a series of program templates to help guide the decision making process. Our templates however, are just that, templates.  They can and should be modified to suit the specific needs of your school.

Life Skills

Help your students develop life skills such as cooking for themselves, using public transport, living and interacting with others and water safety.  Queensland Edventures offers programs that will encourage and empower your students with the basics of life.


Few things are more important to human activity than leadership. Effective leadership helps us through difficult times. It makes a business successful. It enables an organisation to fulfill its mission. The effective leadership of parents enables children to grow strong and healthy and become productive adults.  Queensland Edventures offers a range of leadership programs depending on the age of your students, your desired outcomes and your choice of location.

Outdoor Education

Queensland Edventures is strongly committed to achieving learning outcomes through quality Outdoor Education experiences.  Richard Louv’s book Last Child in the Woods describes the onset of nature deficit disorder as children become increasingly disconnected from their natural environment.

Our goal is to teach respect and passion for nature through providing positive interaction with the created order in our programs.  Our teaching methods are tactile and memorable and focused on team building and positive relationships.  Our philosophy also informs our rostering.  As much as possible Queensland Edventures instructors stay with their group for the duration of their program to foster relationship and to understand and build into group dynamics

Personal Development

In order to function effectively, students need a strong sense of self.  How a student sees themselves impacts how they interact with others, what grades they achieve, their extra-curricular participation rates and generally, how they contribute to their community (both school and family life).  Queensland Edventures‘ Personal Development programs empower students to discover and achieve their potential through focused activities and specifically structured programs.


Queensland Edventures offers high quality, tailor made Expeditions for school and corporate groups.  Explore the beautiful Queensland Great Outdoors while canoeing, bush walking, camping, sea kayaking, abseiling, rock climbing, mountain biking or even trust your own raft-building skills.  Our Expeditions are specifically focused around some of the natural gems of the South East Queensland area including the Mary River Valley (and Obi Obi Creek), the Glasshouse Mountains, the Pumistone Passage and the Gold Coast hinterland.


Queensland is one of Australia’s favourite tourist destinations and with four centres located around the South East corner, who better to show you the sights, than Queensland Edventures!  Whether you’re looking to take a cultural tour of Brisbane, take in the sights and sounds of the Sunshine Coast, or be amazed by the Gold Coast’s natural attractions, theme parks and Surfers Paradise, Queensland Edventures can look after all aspects of your trip, from travel arrangements, to accommodation, to bookings and meals!

Australian Indigenous Awareness

As the earth’s oldest inhabitants Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures are an incredible world of vibrancy and ingenuity.  Queensland Edventures offers Cultural Awareness workshops and experiences which immerse guests in the ways and stories of a fascinating people.  Local indigenous instructors will welcome you to their country and share their ways.  Concepts discussed include caring for country, caring for each other and respecting all things.  In Indigenous Art workshops guests are encouraged to try their hand at dot-painting and the decoration of various artifacts including boomerangs.

Australian National Curriculum Activities

Though a young nation, Australia still has a fascinating history as well as a future connected with the Asian region. Queensland Edventures offers activities, based on Australia’s National Curriculum, which take in the broad sweep of Australian history.  Your group can learn about Australia’s First People, recreate the Convict Transportation System, get immersed in the political intrigue of the Eureka Stockade, learn about the legends and larrikins who were Australia’s nation-builders and discover more about the migrant contribution to Australia, the current issue of boat people and Australia’s Asian future.

View an example Queensland Edventures program here.